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Tobias Kley - conference speaker, author, mountainbike and canyoning guide, founder of GetAwaydays

Tobias Kley – Founder, GetAwayDays

My name is Tobias Kley and I was born in Southern Germany in 1979. I have been married many years and am the proud father of 5 children. Together with an excellent team of motivated staff, I lead GetAwayDays with passion and deep conviction. Aside from my work with GetAwayDays, I am often invited to speak at conferences, youth events, schools, services, seminars, give lectures, and to preach sermons.

How it all began...

A life characterized by a big mouth, cool looks, and big dreams on the one hand, and many mistakes, contemptuous arrogance, meaninglessness and brutality on the other side – that pretty much sums up my youth. During a time of solitude, I ended up in a small mountain town in the midst of the Austrian Alps. The positive experiences, encounters and insights I received there turned my life upside down

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. They awakened in me the desire to enable other young people from challenging circumstances to experience the same
. In 2012, because of the positive changes we saw in the personal lives of many young people, our one week GetAwayDays turned into a movement with numerous camps and follow-up opportunities.

All staff of the GetAwayDays have one great common goal: To provide the opportunity to shape a better future!

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