WHITE week

winter challenges
on a mountain farm

Ages: Youth in challenging circumstances
Size: 8-10 participants + 2 counselors
Time: 1 week + follow up
Cost: 270€/participant
(Scholarships from donated funds may be available)

The WHITE weeks take place on a mountain farm in Ramsau at the Dachstein/Austria.

The farm is surrounded by unique mountain scenery immediately below the Southern Dachstein forest. Lifts are located next door, and thus this farm and its environment provide a unique starting point for both winter experiences and fun in the snow.

The mountain farm offers accommodation but requires participants to supply groceries and such needs. This fits our educational approach as the group itself bears the responsibility for the purchase and preparation of the meals on a wood-burning stove. The availability of electronic media is limited.

All weeks contain devotionals, which connect the activities to everyday life. Beyond this, the staff speaks from their own lives and their Christian walks. In this way, participants are invited into open dialog about life and faith.

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