martial arts
on a farm

Ages: Youth in challenging circumstances (14-22 years)
Size: 8-10 participants + 2 counselors
Time: 1 week + follow up
Cost: 270€/participant
(Scholarships through donated funds may be available)

PRO–Fit camps take place on a farm in the country side close to Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. The farm is located in the heart of Hohenlohe, in a remote village called Dörrenzimmern.

The hayloft accommodation features dorms, a training and recreation room, possibilities for cooking, toilet and shower.

Everything needed at the farm (e.g. groceries) is supplied by the participants. This fits our educational approach, as the groups learn responsibility and has to organize purchase, transportation, and preparation of all meals by themselves.

Mobbing, Discrimination, worthless treatment of others, and brute force often shape everyday life in schools, social institutions or even at professional work places. All too often sufferers do not know how to deal with such situations in order to best protect themselves and others. Many disadvantaged are in a state of paralysis and simply see no way out.

Our PRO-Fit concept provides participants with content from the areas of self-defense, self-assertion and understanding of values. Realizing that each person is valuable and worthy of appreciation reduces the frequency of violent situations and disrespectful behavior.

During this week, we want to steer aggression into the right tracks and show a way to channel it. We also want to give insight into the world of martial arts and work together to "fight" for and along with each other.

All weeks contain devotionals, which connect the activities to everyday life. Beyond this, the staff speaks from their own lives and their Christian walks. In this way, participants are invited into open dialog about life and faith.