alpine challenges
on a remote hut

Ages: Youth in challenging circumstances
Size: 8-10 participants + 2 counselors
Time: 1 week + follow up
Cost: 270€/participant
(Scholarships through donated funds may be available)

The ADVENTURE weeks take place at an alpine hut in the Dachstein region (Alps). This region is well suited for outdoor activities and provides various opportunities for participants in all levels of difficulty.

Everything needed at the hut must be supplied by participants. This fits our educational approach, as the groups learn responsibility and has to organize purchase, transportation, and preparation of all meals on a wood-burning stove by themselves.

The interior of the hut is very rudimentary. There are three bedrooms and one common area, one toilet, a kitchen with wood stove, running water, and warm water (from the stove). There are no shower and there is no electricity apart from a small photovoltaic system powering three bulbs.

This remote mountain shack—without telephone, internet and other electronic appliances—was intentionally chosen for the GetAwayDays project. Here it is hard to be distracted from what matters. The participants must confront themselves, the community, and the breath-taking nature around them.

All weeks contain devotionals, which connect the activities to everyday life. Beyond this, the staff speaks from their own lives and their Christian walks. In this way, participants are invited into open dialog about life and faith.

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