GetAwayDays USA

For years, Tobi and his longtime friends, Kelly and Cameron Dicken, dreamed of what a camp might look like in the mountains of East Tennessee. In 2020, that dream became a reality with the formation of GetAwayDays USA. The newest expansion of the GetAwayDays vision, this outdoor adventure camp takes youth participants to a remote cabin in Campbell County, TN where they are faced with challenging activities. This provides the opportunity for them to interact with nature and accomplish tasks in a new and difficult setting. This safe but challenging environment is designed to enable the individual to overcome personal limits so that new ways of thinking can be explored.


The Approach

GetAwayDays USA utilizes high adventure outdoor experiences to create moments of significant change for youth. This is done by addressing the whole person – mind, body and spirit. In addition to physical challenges, there is an emphasis on fellowship and reflection. Participants learn the effects their decisions have upon their own lives and on those within their group, understanding the realities of living in community. The staff help our youth reflect on their experiences and encourage them to think about their own lives in a way that leads to personal and spiritual transformation.



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