Many opportunities ... one common goal

The FRIENDS network consists of individuals, organizations, and churches who stand behind the cause of GetAwayDays and support it in various ways. There are multiple ways to support the work of GetAwayDays – scroll to find out how:




The TOGETHER godparent program ensures the sustainability of our work. Through local volunteer ‘’godparents,’’ we seek to walk alongside our participants long after their adventure week has ended to support them on their way into a bright and secure future.


The SPONSORSHIP program is designed to allow young people without financial resources to still participate in the GetAwayDays experience – with a donation of 135€ you offer a youth in challenging circumstances the chance to design future. HERE find all Donation Infos.


Help us promote our work. With our newsletter you will always be up to date and know how to pray for us. SIGN UP HERE! Another great way to learn more about our work is our Facebook-page (Watch out - all information only available in German)

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