GetAwayDays provide young people from challenging circumstances an opportunity to leave their familiar environment behind for a few days. They experience a week full of challenges, a week full of new impressions, coupled with the sense of personal achievement

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The Goal

Our goal is for participants to learn that their personal decisions always affect both their own lives and those around them. They also learn that it is valuable to persevere and to utilize their talents and abilities to reach a goal. During the week, participants learn that some tasks can only be accomplished together as a group and that every person is unique and valuable, regardless of their background or ethnic origin.

GetAwayDays should become a cornerstone in the lives of the participants, a desire that we have summarized in our slogan:
„It is not important how big the first step is, only that it is in the right direction.“

 The Way

Our holistic approach is based on physical activity, handling of one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, as well as activities that will stretch comfort zones and lead beyond the present to greater coherence. On the basis of our Christian values, participants are enabled to get in touch with themselves and others. Thus, the young people’s self-esteem is strengthened and stabilized. You can find more information on how we practically implement this HERE.

Due to the great demand in Austria, we have focused more and more in recent years on working with unaccompanied minor refugees. For many participants from a refugee background, this week is their greatest chance to tear down walls of mutual prejudices, and to build up relationships and trust. But it is also an opportunity to learn how life in Austria works. At GetAwayDays, we want to do our share to make real integration happen. Even after the adventure week, we offer comprehensive follow-up assistance to secure the long-term success of our work. We want to support young people on their personal life journey into our society.

Find the current project information as a pdf download here:   Projekt_Info_Österreich.pdf

Our Vision

  • 01Creating opportunities
    We want to provide young people in challenging life circumstances with an opportunity to accomplish tasks in a tough environment and to overcome their own limits within a safe environment of  professional support.
  • 02Living community
    Participants experience that personal decisions always affect their own lives and on the entire group
    . Through overcoming tough situations together, young people learn to utilize and appreciate the abilities and talents of others.
  • 03Designing future
    The group collectivly reflects new experiences and impressions within the context of personal and daily life. Enhanced by personal stories of the staff, we encourage participants to take the first step into a bright and secure future.