Business Network


business2Many companies have supported our work and the GetAwayDays cause in the past; we have experienced this solidarity time and again. Starting in 2017, our new BUSINESS NETWORK will connect all our partners and sponsors with each other. Members will receive regular updates from us.

If you and your company would like to support the work of GetAwayDays, we would be more than glad to welcome you as a member in our BUSINESS NETWORK. The annual fee of 500€ goes directly into the working with youths from challenging backgrounds and is tax deductible.



The GetAwayDays want to play a larger role in the lives of the participants than merely the memory of an exceptional adventure week. We want to accompany our young people on their first steps into their professional careers through intentional apprenticeship placement and practicums at our partnering companies.


Due to the financial situation of participants, the work of GetAwayDays is primarily financed through donations. With a sponsoring package worth 2700-6400€ you help cover administrative costs and execution of one adventure week, enabling a group of up to 15 young people to participate in the full GetAwayDays experience.


Starting in 2017, GetAwayDays is offering TEAM:Development seminars, an outdoor seminar to companies as a team-building and professional development opportunity.

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Our Vision

  • 01 offer chances
    We want to provide young people from challenging life circumstances with an opportunity to solve tasks in a tough environment and to push their own limits, within a safe environment of professional support.
  • 02 Living community
    Participants experience that personal decisions always affect their own lives and on the entire group. Through overcoming tough situations together, young people learn to utilize and appreciate the abilities and talents of others.
  • 03 Design future
    The new experiences and impressions are reflected on collectively, and within a personal life context. Enhanced by the personal stories of the staff, we encourage participants to take the first step into a bright and secure future.