GetAwayDays provide young people from difficult upbringing an opportunity to leave their day-to-day environment behind for a few days. They experience a week full of challenges, but also a week full of new impressions and a sense of personal achievement. We want GetAwayDays to become a milestone in the lives of the participants!


Going through challanges

With the help of our qualified staff, we lead youth into a challenging environment that stretches their boundaries. This includes outdoor activities like canoeing, climbing, scaling mountains, and experience-based learning games, creative activities and times of self-growth. Participants face their own emotions, discover talents, learn how use their gifts while benefitting from the talents of others. Participants grow personally, and learn that it is worth it to ‘’hang on’’ and that they can indeed overcome challenges.

Experience community

Young people learn to take responsibility for their decisions during camp fire, while cooking together, or hiking up a mountain pike. They learn the effects their decisions have upon their own lives and on those within their group. Through professional guidance and mentoring we promote social commitment, and we encourage the participants in building trust in themselves while building others up. They expand their social competencies and learn to value mutual respect and appreciation.

Thinking about life

We help our participants reflect on their experiences and encourage them to think constructively about their own lives. The program is enhanced by devotionals about relevant life issues. The values of Christian culture, scientific data, and personal experience serve as the basis for reflection.

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  • ADVENTURE week

    ADVENTURE week

    alpine Challenges at an alpine-shack beneath the "Bischofmütze" in Filzmoos/Austria

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  • WHITE week

    WHITE week

    Winter challenges on a mountain-farm with a stunning scenery in the foothills…

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  • OFFSHORE week

    OFFSHORE week

    Maritime challenges on a sailing yacht in Croatia

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